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Wallis is a small wingback chair designed by American studio furniture maker Peter Danko. Wallis is scaled to pull up to a table. Sized to optimize seating around a table, yet roomy enough so as not to be cramped. The backrest and seat are flexible, putting it among the small number chairs that are enjoyable for a good while. Designed to be durable enough for restaurant and institutional use. An added feature of the design is the seat flips up for cleaning.
Years ago I had an idea to to design a chair using materials and processes so the components could be recycled in a closed loop process. It was clear to me that the material had to be outside of conventional chair manufacturing. Wood, though renewable, inevitably winds up in landfill altogether with staples, tacks, fabric, screws, foam, dacron etc. While the Wallis can not be broken down altogether, it can easily come apart in ways that some of the materials can be recycled. It is a beginning and I have lots of ideas.

Wallis Chair

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