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Danko Walking Staff: $140. free shipping for this item


Having trouble navigating uneven terrain on walks? Know someone that does?  The idea of using a cane for mobility can be stigmatizing. Since our walking cane/staff has a romance about it, the appearance is that it's a lifestyle choice. The curves may conjure up memories of your favorite fantasy novel, but they are very, very practical. Grabbing the lower curve is a great way to pull yourself up a steep slope or stairs, and grasping the upper curve will help on your descent. I am 73 years old, I designed and made this staff about 4 years ago because I was having balance problems. Some people I meet on walks ask if it is magical. 

This staff is extraordinarily strong because it is made from laminated maple. It has a non-skid rubber bumper at the bottom so it will not slide on marble or wood floor if you are urban trekking. It is waterproof so it can be placed in a stream while you cross on rocks. The height of the staff is great for wiping cobwebs away,  and can even be used for knocking pawpaws from their branches! This extraordinary staff will give you sure footing on all the  paths of your life.


Comes in the length of your choice from 70" (Tall) to 63" (Medium). 

We can also cut to any length.  

Colors are natural, smoke and red-orange

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