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Stacking Image Panels

Panels can be made any size and combined many ways. You can line them all up horizontally or you can stack them as shown here., You can make a column, and even make a pedestal by adding a cap. Panels can also be reused by peeling off old message or laminating a new message over the prior one.


Shown here is an  8 panel set.

Each panel measures 21-5/8" x 46-3/4". This dimension is good size because a set of them can easily be shipped UPS or fit into the back of a car.

Panels are priced individually and can be bought in any size up to 5' x 10'. They can be priced edged but without magnets, with magnets along one edge, or 2 edges, or 3 edges as shown here. 

For more information inquire here.Inquire Here 

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