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About Hollow Core Materials

Hollow core polymer materials are mostly air. They were originally developed by the automobile industry to close the resource loop in their supply chain. What does this mean? It means instead of packaging things with cardboard and then putting it in landfill after its use, the industry developed a process to make their packaging from hollow core polymers. It is durable and long lasting. So the packaging can be shipped back to the plant of origin and reused over and over. Then, when an automobile part is discontinued, they simply shred its packaging into pellets, re-cycle back into 4’x8’ sheets and convert it into new packaging.  Today, the automobile companies have a totally closed loop system for their supply chain. WOW! When I read this story, I realized this is the next logical step to provide comfortable and attractive utility in a world of Billions of People without crashing the environment.


What if furniture and cabinetry was made from this material? Consider most furniture and cabinetry ends up in landfill. (millions of tons). Most cabinetry is made from plywood and particle board. (millions of trees). Cooler yet, the embedded Carbon of Hollow Core materials is miniscule.

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