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Please fill out the nearby Get a Quote form. Type in your choice of wood finish and if your item is belted, choose your preferred color below. Along with our quote, we will send you a form to fill out for your shipping options. If you would like to see actual samples we will be happy to send them to you.

Wood Finishes

Custom: for a custom finish type "custom" in the quote box. Then send us a sample of your finish and we will match it.  Upcharge is $220.

Belting Choices

Choose your color then type into the belt color choice box.

COLOR SEARCH: There are hundreds of belt colors belt available. Email us a swatch(s) or paint chip(s) and we will try to find something close to suit your taste. We'll send you actual belt samples close to your choice for you to select. We have a pretty good record of finding the right colors for our customers. The upcharge for this service is $185. Type Color Search in the belt color choice box.