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This is real

To appreciate the magnetic panels, you need to see this video. You don't have to suspend disbelief, but you do have to extend your knowledge of the possible. These magnets are unbelievably strong and permanent. They appear to be magic, but they are real and permanent.

I first made these panels for a trade show. I arrived at the venue late, set up these panels and then went to breakfast. When I returned from breakfast, the people around me were still setting up ..and I thought maybe this is a good idea.

About hollow core plastic panels

You can print anything on this material: photos, text, graphics, or whatever. You can also drill and hang things from this material.  You can cut slots to make shelves. But most important you can set up a display in minutes.


Some know this material by the brand name Coroplast. You may have seen this super lightweight/super strong material used in post offices: The postal totes they use to carry mail are made of this stuff. For more information, Inquire Here

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