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Peter Danko Master Craftsman Design
Peter Danko Master Craftsman Design

Peter still works the old fashioned way...

Danko Designs Atmos Lounge Chair
Danko Designs Atmos Lounge Chair

Each Atmos Rocking & Lounge Chair is made by hand in Peter's York, PA workshop.

Danko Designs Work Shop York PA
Danko Designs Work Shop York PA

Peter's long-time assistant Sudhir frames a new cabinet design.

Peter Danko Designs Workshop Craftsman

About Peter Danko Designs

Peter Danko is an award-winning designer, inventor, and master craftsman. His personal challenge is to make beautiful objects with materials that Obviously Manifest Green (OMG). He believes it is the job of architects and designers to incorporate OMG materials to move people to create a more environmentally balanced world. 


Peter’s designs reflect an Eco Modern aesthetic – maximizing resources, cutting waste, upcycling materials, and inventing new techniques. Most well-known for his chairs, after nearly 40 years of innovation, Peter has begun manufacturing his own bent wood creations by hand in his studio located in York, PA. He continues to invent and recently created Alchemy, a new chair for a new world. 


Danko chairs, benches, tables, and kitchens can be seen worldwide in universities, libraries, restaurants, museums, and homes.  They are clean, sleek, and memorable - bringing a touch of nature to the indoors and always striving to be OMG.


Sustainable by Design 

Protecting our resources and using environmentally friendly glues and finishes is an important part of Eco Modern design.  In addition, Danko incorporates several key points into our design mission:


  1. Plybent furniture is strong, sturdy, and stands the test of time.  Each chair is tested to meet BIFMA Standards and comes with a 5 year warranty.

  2. Innovative design leads to minimum waste, yielding up to 9 bentwood chairs from a single log as opposed to just one single solid hardwood chair from that same log.  

  3. Reducing waste is always a goal at Danko.  Our designs use upcycled materials, saving thousands of yards of automotive industry seat belts from landfills every year.   

  4. Hollow Core (HC) polypropylene panels are used in several of our designs. This plastic is #5 on the recycle chart. It is lightweight, very strong, uses minimal resources, and the infrastructure to recycle is already in place. As a bonus, it glows etherally when lit with low-energy LED lights, lending the warmth of nature to the indoors.  

  5. MADE IN THE USA.  All of our products are designed, tested, and built in York, Pennsylvania.  Peter's personal workshop produces our signature bentwood pieces and in partnership with our local factory that employs hundreds of Americans we create a quality product to stand the test of time.