Peter Danko Wire Mesh Side Chair
Danko Design Alchemy Stainless Steel
Danko Alchemy Wire Mesh Chair
Danko Alchemy Woven Mesh Wire Chair
Peter Danko Alchemy Industrial Metal

Alchemy Chair


Industrial Meets Ethereal

Visually stunning, architectural, urban, airy, surprisingly comfortable.  Alchemy is all that and more.  The alchemist's dream is a mix of magic and science.  Peter Danko has realized that dream with a new chair unlike any he has created before.  


Woven stainless steel fabric creates a flexible floating seat that forms to the body and floats on enchantingly engineered brackets.  In a #4 brushed finish, Alchemy is a superb choice for indoor and outdoor use, as well spaces that want to make a statement.  


Peter says, "You can drop this chair in the middle of Antarctica and it will still look brand new."