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About the Danko Kitchen

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My wife Susan and I have used this kitchen since 2006. We love it! The illuminated cabinets have the soft rich light of a Japanese Lantern. Glass rods in the concrete countertops allow light from the cabinets to glow through. The cabinets have amazing features.  A firm tug pulls a door off. They can be cleaned in the sink or rehung on the opposite stile. They rehang instantly and precisely. The doors are self closing. (See video).The cabinets are smart. As we approach our kitchen, the cabinets illuminate, welcoming us with their soft light. They turn off when we leave, saving energy.  The hollow-core polymer material has held up nicely.  The cabinets will last until the next owner replaces them. 

A quantum jump in Sustainability

One of the criteria I wanted when I designed this kitchen was that each discrete material could quickly separate for recycling. Recycling the doors of course is a no brainer. The cabinet construction is unique, they are held together under tension by stainless steel straps.  Since there are no nails or glue or screws in their structure, all that needs to be done to recycle is to snip the straps and the cabinets collapse into its discrete parts. 

These cabinets use a fraction of the wood of a normal kitchen. The use of wood is both structural and esthetic, yet so minimal the steel straps bind the stiles to the rails because conventional joinery may not be adequate if heavily loaded.

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