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Glow Cabinet

Bleached Maple, Hollow Core Polymer 

85"L x 19"D x 34"H 

Custom Sizes Encouraged: Price varies per customer dimensions

This cabinet uses hollow core polymer panels to experiment with INLINE sliding doors. Though conventional sliding doors function nicely, their offset nature disturbs the purity of design. I had a hunch hollow core polymer panels could work inline because of its lightweight and low co-efficient of friction. The doors abut directly side by side. (see video) To open, the door is pushed in, and then sideways. It then goes behind the door next to it. I designed spring hardware that pushes the doors in line, yet yields when the door is pushed in and allows the panel to slide sideways. 

This cabinet also has an IR sensor, so it illuminates when you walk into the room. When you leave, the lights subside. On top of the cabinet there is a charging station with a USB socket and an electric socket.  This is a  cabinet designed for the 21st century.

Interested in commissioning a cabinet? Inquire Here

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