Green Belt*


Classic Modern Styling

The Green Belt marries sustainable green design, durability, and a classic modern style.  It transcends the uncertainty of present day green design by making its sustainability an obvious feature.  This versatile design line comes in multiple finishes and belt color choices to suit any interior installation including homes, restaurants, bars, offices, airports, libraries, and so much more!  The basket woven seats and backs are made from upcycled automotive industry seatbelts that are already designed to take tremendous force and last for decades without showing wear or stains.  The belts are not just long-lasting - they shimmer and shine, adding a depth of warmth that complements the wood frame.  


The Green Belt is our flagship chair showcasing Peter's iconic design aesthetic.  It is available as a side chair, arm chair, stacking chair, children's chair, bench, stool, bar stool, and bar chair.  Add a heavy duty brace for heavy use applications.  Available in a rainbow of seat belt colors, the Green Belt line can meet any interior design need.

* As of January 1st, 2020 this line has been discontinued. 

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