About seat belts:  colors, availability, properties and standards

There are quite a few color choices with our post- industrial automotive seatbelt webbing.  Every year, We re-purpose thousands of yards of seatbelt from remnants available.  We work with you to search for the best color for your project.

Please keep in mind, since we recycle from post-industrial sources, colors and quantities vary.  When we search for the color you need, our search includes the correct yardage for your project. With standard choice, we are able to stay within the 10 - 12 week lead time on orders. When we work with you to locate just the right color for your project, it takes more time. We are happy to send you available color samples that have the yardage to complete your job.  Please understand this process can add 1-2 weeks to the production time.  Minimum purchase for custom matching may apply, please contact us with questions regarding swatches and matching services.  

A little info about seat belts: Seat belts are fantastically strong. In fact they are ridiculously strong to be used for furniture. NSTB Standards require a seat belt to have a 7000 lb. tensile strength and can not stretch more than 4% of its length with a 2500 lb. weight. They come with a teflon coating for soil resistance. But please understand, this coating dissipates over time. If a project is for a restaurant, we recommend periodic applications of Scotch Guard stain resistant coatings.

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