The Possibilities are Endless

There are endless color choices with our post-consumer automotive grade seatbelt webbing.  Every year, Danko keeps thousands of yards of seatbelts out of the landfills and repurposed into high design.  We can custom match any interior, and pattern combinations are available.

Please keep in mind, since the belts are recycled, dye lots do vary.  There are also three different patterns available: 5 panel, 7 panel, and twill.  However, not every pattern may be available in every color.  


We guarantee as our standard that all belts on your order will be the same dye lot and pattern.  With standard choice, we are able to stay within the 10 - 12 week lead time on orders.  However, if you would prefer to see dye lot and pattern samples, we are happy to send them to you.  Please be advised that this can add 1-2 weeks to the production time.  Minimum purchase for custom matching may apply, please contact with questions regarding swatches and matching services.  

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