Versatile Design Economics

Introducing the Ashton Group - new materials, surprising features, ultimate versatility.  Ashton is Danko's most resourceful chair.  Designed to withstand the test of time, but also change with the times, Ashton features an American made wood frame with several seat choices to fit any space.  Frames are single cut with no joints to wear out - Ashton passed the BIMFA 10 year wear test.  


Perhaps the most exciting feature of Ashton is the array of choices.  Belted, upholstered, laminated, and custom graphics design in any combination you desire.  Want your logo on your chair back?  Done.  Want seasonal or holiday graphics that you can change periodically?  No problem.  This chair has something for everyone.  It's compact, light-weight, and heavy duty all at the same time.  Ashton is a leading innovation in designing flexible creative spaces.  

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