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Ashton Graphic Chair  

This remarkable adaptation of the Ashton Chair is not only a chair but also a sign, a message board, a logo, a photograph, a pattern, or what whatever you want it to be.  The hollow core polymer seat and back panels are resilient so the chair is surprisingly comfortable.  The seat and back panels are easily removable so you can change the message. It takes about 5 minutes to remove the and install new panels. Or, you can remove the graphic from the existing panel and replace with a new one.

The graphics can be printed at any local sign company, or we can apply the graphics for you.  Graphics are self adhesive and are designed to adhere to this material. So maybe you are thinking “how durable will that be to sit on?” Excellent thought, exactly what I thought myself. I was so concerned about wear that my intern at the time, Michael Shannon, researched textile testing and made a machine to duplicate the Wyzenbeck Test. See Here. The machine went to 120,000 double rubs. Then we quit because nothing happened.  Upon close inspection of the graphic panel, and with a lot of light, and holding the panels at just the right angle, we could see a very slight haziness on the protective film over the graphic. The graphic was not at all affected. This may sound amazing, but this graphic material was designed to adhere to BUSES and CARS. It is guaranteed to last 5 years regardless of cold, snow, ice, rain, sun, pollution and even the occasional abrasion of tree branches as a bus travels down streets.  

You might also be thinking, cool idea, but how strong is that polymer material? After all, it is really lightweight. I wondered about that as well. I was so concerned that I had the chair BIFMA tested.  See test results. I also had the chair fire tested. The graphics are not only durable, but they are fire retardant, and so the chair passed the CAL 133 burn test. See test results.

We can put any image you want on the chair.  We will send you a digital dimensioned drawing of the seat and back.  You or your graphic artist will put your design in the space and send us a 300 dpi .pdf file. We will do the rest.  So if you have a message, it may get across better if it is sat on. I always think better when I am sitting down myself. 

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