Danko Kitchen: an eco modern design

When Peter Danko and Susan McDaniel renovated their kitchen, they wanted to showcase Peter’s idea that sustainable design can and must transcend the status quo to something better. They also wanted the design to integrate with their 1917 Arts and Crafts style house. The space for the kitchen is 17.5’ long, and a cramped 7’ wide, so the cabinets being lit from within really expands the sense of the space. The richness of the wood cabinet frames complement the coolness of the plastic and creates the delicate serenity of a Japanese shoji screen. At night the illuminated cabinets possess an ethereal beauty that is magical.

Functionally, the cabinets are similar in durability and performance to conventional cabinets. Doors using the virtual hinge operate exactly as conventional doors, with one exception: a firm tug will disconnect the door from the cabinet.  This feature is convenient for cleaning, unobstructed access to the inside of the cabinet, or re-hanging the door to its opposite style. Re-hanging a door is both instant and precise.

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