Portrait of Peter Danko

Peter Danko's Biography

His designs, lectures, and writing center on making the transition to living in harmony with nature. He believes the materials that best tell this story are those that can be seen by the casual eye to be green.  His personal challenge is to make beautiful objects with materials that Obviously Manifest Green (OMG).  He believes it is the job of architects and designers to incorporate OMG materials  that tell the story of a comfortable future.  A future that has beauty, romance, and fun. Only the design community can move people from the status quo to choose that which makes a more environmentally balanced world.

BORN: 1949, Washington, DC.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Art, major in Fine Art and Art History;  University of Maryland, 1971.  

TINKERS WITH: Industrial, graphic, exhibit and web design.  Illustration, CAD-drawing, woodworking, upholstery, product testing, ergonomics, mechanical and electrical engineering.  Has also tinkered with hydraulics, pneumatics, plastics and concrete form work.  Skilled in photography,  business and personnel management. 

PASSIONS: Above all, my wife, Susan, then figure painting in watercolor, designing anything, (but mostly chairs), travel, and history.

Museum Acquisitions, Museum Shows, Awards and Grants, Patents

• Smithsonian American Art Museum, Wash. D.C.; Unfolding Chairs, 1997.
• Smithsonian American Art Museum, Wash. D.C.;  Desk, 1996.
• Museum of Modern Art, Design Collection; Bodyform Chair, 1986.
• Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York ; Unfolding Chair, 1983.
• Smithsonian American Art Museum, Wash. D.C.; #8 Crystal Table, 1982.
• Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Danko Chair & Unfolding Chair, 1982.
• Smithsonian American Art Museum, Wash. D.C.;  Danko Chair, 1981.
• Museum of Modern Art, Design Collection; Danko Chair, 1978.  

• TRASHFORMATIONS EAST-a traveling exhibit with venues at: 
         Lancaster Musuem of Art, Lancaster, PA  fall  2006
         COPIA, Napa CA.  winter  2006
         Fuller Museum, Brockton MA.  2005
        Curated by Lloyd Herman founding Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery.
• Smithsonian‘s Renwick Gallery, AMERICAN STUDIO FURNITURE, 2004
• Boston Museum of Fine Arts, MA , THE MAKERS HAND, 2004
• Messiah College; exhibit and lecture, 2003-4
• American Design Museum, NY 2001-2002
• York College of PA. exhibit and lecture 2001
• American Institute of Architects, AIA Headquarters, 1998 Gallery,
• Harmony Hall Regional Center.  Fort Washington, MD 1995
• United States Information Agency, “DESIGN USA”;  2 exhibits touring USSR and Eastern Europe.
• Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York,  “INNOVATIVE FURNITURE in AMERICA: 1800 to PRESENT”, 1980.
• Smithsonian Institution, at the Vice President’s House, Washington D.C., 1979.
• American Crafts Museum, New York, “NEW HANDMADE FURNITURE”, 1978.  

• Best of Neocon Silver Award for chair design 1998 IDSA,
• Certificate of Achievement for the Everychair Series, 1983.
• National Endowment for the Arts Design Fellowship, 1980.
• National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman Fellowship, 1975.

Mechanical--Patent Nos. 4,210,182; 4,321,875; 4,429,012;
US 6,655,434 B2  US 7,657.971  B2
Design--Patent Nos. DES-333,577; 07-706,727, DES-341,038,
DES-368,383,  US D525,058 S