Invention and Craftsmanship

the two themes that govern my work


In some fundamental aspect, everything I design re-thinks how something is made.  Thus my designs require the invention of a technique, or a process, or a structure.  They often involve re-purposing materials.  Whatever I make, I re-invent it.

My goal is to offer a better alternative to our “idea” about an object; either by how it is made, or how it is perceived. Why is this important?  Consider traditional furniture styles, even as recent as 50s modern. Their “look” is accepted by new generations without understanding that they were designed for circumstances that are no longer relevant.  Often, their construction is not even authentic.  So what you see is just an empty “look”.  My designs offer solutions to present day concerns.  They seriously consider resource use and carbon content. They use materials honestly, and in ways that are entertaining and unexpected.  Most important, they are comfortable and easy to use.  They are well crafted and made here in the USA.  They will last.


Craftsmanship is the fusing of hand and mind.  It connects the mind to matter.  Without it, invention is impossible.  It rules all art and all science. Craftsmanship makes knowledge tangible. It is a most precious human resource.

Craftsmanship, the skills that fuse hand and mind, must be developed over time.  It takes time to develop skills. We talk about the failing of education in our schools.  Yet the idea of craftsmanship, which is an integral part of education, is not even in the conversation.  This is a tragedy, because craftsmanship is inseparable from our standard of living and our success as a culture.